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Contamination thumb
Contamination (IPhone 6S Short movie)
Hi guys and welcome back to our website with this new sci-fi short film we made. This was [...]
Bewrae the cube - Thumb
Beware the CUBE !!!
Hi guys, this video is dedicated to all the Blender useres out there. Who of you, at least [...]
Vlog 1 - Testing  our drone - THUMB
Testing our DJI Phantom Drone
Hello guys, short video here that show some beautiful aerial shot taken near the Garda [...]
Last Man On Earth - THUMB
The last man on earth (Short Film)
Hello everyone! We just finished this new short video and it has a lot of new stuff. First [...]
Working hard on our Vfx Agency – Part 1
Hey, what’s up guys? …fine? We are working really hard to finish our new [...]
Happy Birthday SottoZen!
Hi guys, SottoZen turns One year old! This time one year ago, me and my friend Alberto [...]
Fireworks – Happy New Year!
Our Best Wishes to all our followers for a Great and Happy New Year 2016!! Thumbs up [...]
Xmas sleeping cat :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Subscribers and followers!
  • </p> <p>Loves Cinema, Tie Fighters, Pink Floyd, cats and snowboarding.</p> <p>
    Stefano MilaniCo-founder · 3D Artist and Vfx
  • </p> <p>Knows everything (and even more) about films. He will never believe that Disco Music is over.</p> <p>
    Alberto VicentiniCo-founder · Vfx - Filmmaking
  • </p> <p>She loves colors, Arts, Books, Music and… Rapunzel (almost all Disney classics)</p> <p>
    Marilena MoschiniVfx - Colorist
  • </p> <p>He is in the Matrix, can control and edit everything. Also.. He can play the guitar just like a ringing a bell.</p> <p>
    Roberto ``Paso`` PasiniMusic · Sound Design
  • </p> <p>One man a thousand faces. He loves Blues Brothers, cars and selling weird stuff on e-bay.</p> <p>
    Max ``Ragio`` GhiselliActor