1.000 !!!

Thank You, thank you and… ONE THOUSAND times THANK YOU! Our YouTube channel just reached the 1.000 Subscribers. I know it’s nothing special compared to the Big ones but for us it’s an important step. Making Vfx short video isn’t easy at all, many aspects are involved in the production and post-production phase and we are learning all this day… Read more →

Free stuff to Download

Great news guys!

Our Website has now a new section where you can find Free Stuff to Download and use in your projects or videos.

We really appreciate all or Subscribers because they support us day by day and help us growing with our YouTube Channel. From now on, we will upload 3D models, Sound Fx, Music, Textures and more, all for free. Be sure to come back often and check it out.

Just go in the Free Download section. We started with our latest video’s soundtrack. For tracks that you can download and edit separately in any editing or music Software.

Have a Great day and keep on following us!

SottoZen Team