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Pac Man Fruit – Stop Motion


no special Vfx this time, no 3D animation, tracking or simulation in Blender, no render time 🙂 Only a lemon, some eggs, breadsticks and a lot of beans! With my Canon EOS 650 in one night when you don’t want to sleep i took some hundreds of photos and then put all together. This is my very first attempt of “stop motion” video, i hope that you will like it !

And… it is also our simple and thankful tribute to Mr. Masaya Nakamura.
A “stop motion” short video dedicated to the greatest Arcade Game ever made! We grew up playing Pac Man, everyone of my generation knows what i am talking about. Those was the good and best games guys! Those were the times…. (sigh!)

Have Fun!

Asteroids in Real Life

It’s here! Our latest short video that took us almost one month working is finally online! we really love Arcade games and WE KNOW we are NOT alone, right? We are planning to make another video tribute to some great Videogame from the past! Which was your favorite 8-bit game? If you have some suggestions please tell us in the comments! Don’t… Read more →

Space Invaders in real Life

Our tribute to one of the best arcade game ever! Space Invaders, the famous video game from Taito: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Invaders Actor: Vicentini (The Vice) Alberto Vfx: Blender 3D http://www.blender.org Filmed with: Canon 5D Mark III Idea, concept and making by SOTTOZEN: Stefano Milani Alberto (The Vice) Vicentini Color correction: Marilena Moschini Read more →