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Pac Man Overdose!

Hey guys,


here we are again with another funny Vfx Video inspired to the great Arcade World of the 80’s! Pac Man, yes …. again him but, this time, not him alone. No spoiler here but let me tell you that we worked 3 weeks modeling, animating and filming this our latest short and that’s a lot of funny stuff to wacth 🙂

And, by the way, thanks a lot guys for following us and subscribing our channel. Day by day we are growing up and we are so happy and proud to see more comments to our videos! Continue like this… we are already working on the next one 🙂

Also, a BTS (behind the scenes) is on its way to be posted for those who are interested in knowing little bit more about how we made our videos.

1.000 !!!

Thank You, thank you and… ONE THOUSAND times THANK YOU! Our YouTube channel just reached the 1.000 Subscribers. I know it’s nothing special compared to the Big ones but for us it’s an important step. Making Vfx short video isn’t easy at all, many aspects are involved in the production and post-production phase and we are learning all this day… Read more →

Asteroids in Real Life

It’s here! Our latest short video that took us almost one month working is finally online! we really love Arcade games and WE KNOW we are NOT alone, right? We are planning to make another video tribute to some great Videogame from the past! Which was your favorite 8-bit game? If you have some suggestions please tell us in the comments! Don’t… Read more →