About Us

SottoZen” is a creative project became professional reality, born from the passion for Filmmaking and Visual Fx of two friends: Alberto Vicentini and  Stefano Milani.

Our mission is to offer highly personalized visual effect services to the feature film, social network, TV and commercial markets. We love to put our passion and efforts in transforming our customer’s vision into efficient stunning videos.

Can we do everything? No. Our way is to choose only works that speaks directly to our souls, giving us the chance to get the best result out of any project. We truly believe that only in this way we will be able to develope a transparent and long-term relationship with our clients and partners.

From story-boarding to final delivery our Team is always pushing to the limits our skills to deliver impressive effects and stunning results.
Our goal is to give life to ideas. Turn visions into images. Translate dreams into animations. We simply love Filmmaking and Vfx… and we just do what we love.