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in the last two years, making videos for our channel has become a full-time job for us. We are very happy and proud of this, in fact, SottoZen is growing day by day, and this is all thanks to you (Our Fans!).

If you like our channel and want to do something more to support us, please, take into consideration to become a SottoZen Patron!
Making those funny 3D animated videos with Vfx and all that it is needed costs money, as you can imagine. With your support, you will help us afford higher budgets on our works and, therefore, more quality for you all.

Our Patrons program has just born and we are building it in the best way we can to repay you with free content, and personalized stuff. We created different tiers from you can choose. On our web site, you can see a new area called “Patreon”, from there you’ll be able to access your private area.

Visit our Patreons page here and give it a chance.
Thanks so much, to all of you.

SottoZen Team


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