Contamination (IPhone 6S Short movie)

Hi guys and welcome back to our website with this new sci-fi short film we made. This was filmed on our green screen studio using an IPhone 6S Plus in 4K video format (Awesome). All the footage was then imported into Adobe After Effects where we keyed out the green color. The final YouTube resolution was 1080HD but having the green screen footage at 4K made more easy the Chroma key process. We had a lot of fun building all those virtual set.

It’s my first time using After Effects instead Blender to do something that looks 3D and was amazing find out the power of After Effect 3D enviroment.

The story is very simple and frankly not important to us now, those are all test we made to study and improve our editing and Vfx skills.

The music was composed by Roberto Pasini.

Watch it here: