Kung Furious – Episode 01 – Iron Head!

Hello guys and welcome back with another Vfx short video made by SottoZen! This time we go into the mysterious and ancient world of Chinese Martial Art. The power of Kung Fu is narrated on this video, i don’t want to spoiler but great energy involved here 🙂

Our hero, a great Kung Fu Master, was filmed on a green screen and edited in After Effects using the powerfull tool “Element 3D” from Videocopilot.net, made by Andrew Kramer. Speaking of that, we really wish to thank Andrew Kramer for his Tutorials that we followed and from wich we learnt a lot.

I used Blender, the free 3D software to model the big wall and simulate the crashing down. The wall was shattered using the “cell fracture” plug in inside Blender. In some scenes, all the objects was exported as .OBJ files into After Effects using Element 3D.

Ok guys, enough for now, have fun and subscribe our channel for more videos like this!