New Video: Pac Man in Real Life

Hey guys,

here we are with another video made using our favorite 3D Software Blender and our new DJI OSMO Plus. As you can see it’s (another) little tribute to the famous Arcade game from the 80’s.
In Blender we tested the 3D tracking process in different shot taken using our Osmo. I ca say it is the first time that i had zero problems tracking in Blender. I guess that the smothness and the quality that comes from the Osmo helps a lot Blender in tracking.

We also modeled and animated the pac man, the ghosts and QBert in Blender, all the post production such as the masking process and color correction was made in After Effects.

Our video was shared by Blender Nation, you can wacth it here:

Video: Tracking for Pac Man

I hope you will enjoy it, here is our video: