Pac Man Robot Over Hong Kong

Hi guys,

here is our latest Pac Man tribute video. This time i used some footage i took while i was in Hong Kong last year. I used our new DJI Osmo Plus that allows you to film in a really steady and smooth way while you are walking or running. My intention was only to test my new gear but some weeks ago wacthing again those videos i decided to use them for this Vfx short video.

Pac Man, yes again Pac Man, we love it and the ideo of a giant Robot Pac Man chased in the Hong Kong enviroment was really cool.

I used Blender to model the two Arcade characters and then, using VideoCopilot Element 3D i made all the Vfx compositions inside Adobe After Effects.

Hope you will like it. Have Fun and consider Subscribing our Channel for more videos!