Working hard on our Vfx Agency – Part 1

Hey, what’s up guys? …fine?
We are working really hard to finish our new place.If you know us through our YouTube channel, you know we love producing videos with beautiful visual effects. Until now we have always worked at home with all the limits that this involves. In this first year we have invested in video equipment but we lacked a place to get more professional results. So, now we decided it was the time to take a step forward. And here we are, building our small but efficient Vfx Agency! This is the reason why we didn’t make new videos on this last month, but we are almost ready!
The most challenging and important part, as you can see in some picture below, is the green screen area! We are very proud of what we are making and from now we will be able to use the chroma key at a professional level on our videos. It took us two weeks to build it. We searched on the web to get the right green pigment paint and the right illumination system to illuminate the green in a uniform way. A lot to do, believe us, but the result is really cool!
Some picture for you here:

Working-on-Agency-04 Working-on-Agency-01
Working-on-Agency-03  Green-screen-studio-WIP---Chaos1600x900

We plan to finish it all and be ready to work by the next week.
Stay tuned, ok?
See us very soon on our YouTube channel, we have many projects to make as soon as we have our green screen to use! Can’t wait to start 🙂